Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ten months later

Still alive...check

Still kicking much ass...check

Still better than your average toon...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I did it all for the nookie

Oh what an aweful week. So I removed this evil sony rootkit that was giving big bro the down low on my ripping and burning habits, as well as scarfing up precious cpu. Problem is you're only supposed to remove it with a sony authorized uninstaller that you have to choke out of thier tech monkeys. In doing it the old fashioned way it had the undesired side effect of rendering my readable drives inert. So, after several frustrating days of learning more about the guts of windows than I ever wanted to I fixed the problem all on my own by readjusting the upper/lower filter values deep in the system folder. Fuck you sony! Fuck you in your stupid ass. And now, my happy yoda dance of success.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sometimes you just gotta

making up for lost time aka fun with mormons

So I'm cooking up some kamikaze three pepper eggs for breakfast at the crack of 2 the other day when I hear a knock at the door. Adam and Brian were at work and school and I wasn't expecting company. So, with only my boxers and a concert T on I open the door to see two clean cut young men in white shirts and black pants with the small black nametags...thats right kiddies, missionaries. Now the first thing that comes into my head is how the fuck did these two cultists get into the building? That suggests a security breach. They ask if they can come in and talk to me about thier freaky beliefs. Think about that for a minute. If you've never had to deal with these people what would your response be? For a fraction or a second in my twisted head I entertain a scenario..."sure guys come on in. Excuse my state of undress, wasn't expecting company. You want some eggs? They pack a punch but are damn tasty...oops, sorry. I'll try to keep from cursing, I know how you people have an aversion to certain words and such. Now, let me just mute the tv and you can try and sell me your version of christ." Ot this point one of them starts fumbling for a pamphlet or something as it becomes clear from the stupified look on my face or the sizzle comming from the kitchen that they probably aren't gonna win a convert here. I'm still playing with my inner monolouge thinking how much fun it would be to sit these two brainwashed* young men down and ask them some of the hard questions. Lack of dinosaurs in genesis, why thier jesus is better than the one I was brought up on...things of that nature. I figure if they're trying to make a play for my immortal soul the least they can do is massage away some of my doubts. Especially now that they frown upon the whole multiple wives thing, that would have been the clincher for me. Sadly by that point I had lost them. Ahh well, next time I'm gonna totally get them in here. But they're gonna pay the price. Its going to cost them an equal amount of time when I get to try to sell them on the virtues of protestant christianity or better yet, a god free life Its only fair after all, if they want some of my time to preach the virtues of thier beliefs I think I should be allowed the same.

*how can you refer to a man his mid twenties anything other than brainwashed when he lives in america, surrounded by lewd (well, what some people would call lewd) semi-pornographic, and violent publications, television, and cinema. Religion is something to grab onto when life starts to hit the downward spiral and death seems more inevitable than when you're young and vital.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

reflections and threats

Ahhhhh. Another weekend enjoying my vain persuits. Reading, drinking, sleeping, sequential art, and one solid hour of quality television. The only thing that could improve my station at the moment would be some simple biology. Oh well, like my second favorite philosopher said "having isn't always as desirable as wanting" Gonna chill the rest of the day, try to finish Foundations Prelude, watch some movies, go out and get trashed later tonight. maybe do something I'll regret tomorrow. We'll see. Until then,

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

perfect moment

good night last night was. reconnected with one of my oldest college friends...Caleb Quinn. That was some back in the day thinking; he does UFC stuff now so if I ever need an enforcer. Work was one of those organized - lazy - chaos nights. Too much to do but too much time to do it in. Got the annual. It was good; they're always good, and I'm not going to fault the company for paying me more for my time. But this morning was one of those perfect moments that made my day happy no matter what else I have to deal with. Walking out of the store it was brisk but not cold. Cloudy but not gloomy. Breezy but not windy. Hands in my pockets, leather jacket lightly fluttering, the cool blue grey light half reflecting off of the icy pavement I had to pause. Pause and take life into account. Weigh the good against the bad and go from there. For whatever reason I left the lot with a smile on my face because despite inequity and a myriad of things, scenarios, and people that I want...Life is good. For now we'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random work thoughts

Who would win in a fist fight, jesus or ghandi?

Why did they stop making Red Dwarf after season 8?

Would it kill target to provide someone to bring me snackies?

What ever happened to slip n' slides?

If one was happy all the time, how would they know it?

If I went back in time and told myself about the future, would the self that went back then have that knowledge from a different perspective, or would I have created another possible future alltogether, thus not really accomplishing anything?

What did my parents think about at 3 in the morning when they were 24?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

lords day

nothing beats a night of getting fucking smashed like a nice long, dream infested sleep. The wierd dreams were prolly more due to various chicken wings or other fried products. But the point is, rested and back to 100%. Today is the kind of day where I throw on some comfies, put the itunes on shuffle, and read the afternoon away. I'm feeling in a Kerouac mood today.